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P&B is a Fire Engineering and Risk Management Consultant company based in Malmö, Sweden.

P&B is a knowledge based company with the mission to effectively help businesses protect people, value and environment, so that they in turn can focus on providing value for their customers in a profitable and sustainable way.

P&B’s knowledge base comes from Fire Protection and Risk Management Engineers with many years of experience and background from areas such as Fire Protection Engineering, Risk Management, Fire Department and Insurance industry. The majority of our clients returns regularly for our services and often refers to flexibility, competency and personal relations as important reasons for this. This is something we obviously are very proud of. Download pdf ”About P&B”.

Products and Services

Since being founded back in 1992 the in-house competencies and offered services have developed to match the need from existing and new clients. Today our services are within the areas of Fire Protection Engineering, Risk Management, Flammable and Explosive material as well as Training in all of these areas.

The following are example of the products and services we offer;

  • Standard and Performance based Fire Protection Engineering
  • Protection and prevention strategies for flammable and explosive material
  • ATEX studies
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Risk Assessments
  • Development of systems and policies for Risk Management and Loss Control
  • Loss Prevention Engineering
  • Supply Chain Risk Surveys
  • Insurance and Underwriting Surveys
  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
  • Client tailored training

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information about our services and find out how we can help you manage risk or solve a particular problem.

Our Values

Externally and Internally at P&B we hold ourselves to the following values in everything we do;

  • Sustainable – We stand for long term and sustainable conduct in relation to clients, owners, employees and society at large.
  • Value creating – Our products and services should add value to clients and be stimulating for our employees.
  • Quality – We do our outmost in every instance to understand and meet the client needs and expectations.
  • Development – We pursue continuous and innovative development of our products and services.


Our Office is located at: Davidshallsgatan 20, 211 45 Malmö Sweden Telephone: +46 (0)04 611 71 90 E-mail: info@pob.se For further information please contact Tobias Ekberg at: Mobile: +46(0)705 980330 E-mail: t.ekberg@pob.se

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  • Davidshallsgatan 20
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